The Ghana Hernia Society(GHS) is a group of surgeons or surgical specialists based in the Teaching and Regional Hospitals of Ghana. Members of this society are surgeons and other specialists who have a very speical interest in the surgical conditions affecting the abdominal wall.

The most common of these conditions are hernias; also known as abdominal hernias. An abdominal hernia is an abnormal protrusion of the intestine or other abdominal contents or organ through a defect or weakness in the abdominal wall. A normal or intact abdominal wall prevents any such protrusion. It is also sometimes called a rupture. Examples of abdominal hernias are: Inguinal hernia, ventral hernia and umblical hernia.

The Ghana Hernia Society is a grouping of surgeons with special interest in abdominal wall defects especially inguinal and other groin hernias. The surgeons of the society are committed to train district medical officers to perform the modern repair of inguinal and other hernias with MESH. The Society has developed a multi-faceted approach to expand the capacity for hernia surgery in Ghana.

Also, the members of the society are committed to conduct research into inguinal hernia disease in Ghana. There is a collaboration between the Ghana Hernia Scoiety and International Partners and Collaborators to facilitate and expand the capacity for research into hernia and other abdominal wall conditions.

In addition, the members of the Ghana Hernia Society advocate for increased Government and Donor Funding of hernia work and projects that will increase the capacity of hernia surgery and research in Ghana.

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